Saturday, November 30, 2013

Fall Festivity Extravaganza Wrap-Up

With Thanksgiving now behind us it is my (other) favorite time of year: time to gear up for CHRISTMAS! Yes my house is already completely decked out for Christmas, tree and all (I'll post pictures later). But with fall leaving us behind ('leafing us behind'? hahahah) I wanted to just do a quick wrap up of the fun recipes and things I/we did in the last couple of months. Here ya go!

We made pumpkin pie from scratch! (welllll I made the filling from scratch...)

We made (and devoured in one sitting) roasted pumpkin seeds

Husband and I went on a super fun festive fall hike (say that five times fast...)

We made these delicious candy corn sugar cookies

We went to a farm and bought apples to make this amazing and easy home made applesauce

I hope you had as much fun this fall as I did. Now let the Christmas festivities begin!!!

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