Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fall Hike

Fall Festivity Extravaganza continues! Over the weekend, Husband and I took advantage of the beautiful weather and went on a bike and hike. We biked about 3 miles out of town and climbed Bald Hill, the views that day were amazing. I couldn't get over it. Here's a peak at our day.

Above is our very first view once we reached the top. This is facing South East, if I had turned just a little to my left, I could have seen Reser Stadium in the distance. 

Below you can see how bright the sun was, here we are headed directly west. West is my favorite view because there is almost no city, just farm land. 

The tree colors are so beautiful this time of year, I love fall! Here is the west view zoomed in.

Below is a wider view of the west, I love Oregon. 

Then Husband reminded me that I have panorama on my phone so I took another (I'm a little obsessed). 

Hiking back down we had some pretty views too. On the left we are facing due North and on the right is an open air barn that is absolutely gorgeous. 

And here at the bottom of the hill facing East: 

Overall, we biked about 6 miles and hiked around 3 miles. The gym can get boring so some days I like to just hang out in nature... I was pretty dead afterwards, though, so we had microwave tamales for dinner. 

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