Why The Name?

I've been asked this question several times from my *ahem* followers (Hi Mom!): why 'Fannypacks and Finlandia'? Good question, the short answer is, I couldn't think of anything better. The long answer is looong so gather 'round kids, it's story time.

My best birthday was probably my 24th . That year my birthday kind of snuck up on me and I didn't make any plans. My two best friends and boyfriend (now Husband) were out of town and a lot of my friends had just graduated and were now headed off into the world and had no time for shenanigans. No fun for me. Luckily, a good friend of mine offered me her house for a BBQ. So we made a tentative plan to have a BBQ at her house and then head out on the town. Naturally I sent a text to everyone I knew, hoping 5 people would show up. Well, I don't know what happened but people showed up out of nowhere! We never left the house because we all had a fantastic time just being with each other. I took a million pictures and when uploading them to Facebook, I had to think of an album title.... Hmmmmm....

Erika, being the genius that she is, gave me one of the best presents ever that year: a leather fannypack. I still use that b*tch to this day (the fannypack, not Erika, I would never 'use' her). It's awesome. And my best friend called me from Hawaii (lucky bastard) to wish me a happy birthday and to tell me that there was a bottle of Finlandia vodka in the freezer that I could have as compensation for him missing my birthday. Bam. Fannypacks and Finlandia.

So why name my blog the same thing? Honestly I was just trying to think of a name and couldn't come up with anything else. But the more I thought about it the more I liked the idea behind it. I have discovered that I have the most fun when I don't expect anything. Happy accidents or serendipitous days, are generally the best. I suppose that is what I want this blog to be: Something that you might stumble across and enjoy. A pleasant surprise... or something.

That or I just couldn't think of a more clever name.

About Me

That's a picture of me and Husband. Because I've looked at a few blogs and people seem to put a picture of themselves on their "about" page so... there you go...

If you want to know more about me, too bad. You are an internet stranger and I am afraid of you. Plus pretty much all you need to know about me is contained in this blog. 

About The Blog

Well, I started this blog during a brief period of unemployment as something to do. Unemployment does not suit me. I get very bored. 

I decided I would like a place where all of the things I pinned on Pinterest and then actually tried or completed could live. Now I can access those things without having to sift through all of the other pins I pinned when I was hungry and pinning every recipe ever created to my boards. And now you can read/do/create those things too!

This blog is not fancy. I do not make any money off of it. I do not do this full time, I work full time. That is why this blog is not up to scratch with other well known blogs out there. There are people out there who blog full time, and I think that shows in how much better their blogs are than mine. I do not have a fancy camera. 90% of the images you see on this site is taken with a phone camera. I don't really expect anyone to find this blog. I created it for me. It is a tool I use to organize the things that I have done so that when I can't find my recipe book or I don't know what outfit to wear, I can access this little nugget of the internet and have those things at my fingertips. 


Because 7 years of higher education taught me to always have a conclusion.... That pretty much sums it up, folks. I hope you enjoy... uh, whatever it is that is appealing to you on this blog. Enjoy. Or don't. Whatever, I'm not your boss (unless you are Molly or Kelly or Ali, in which case, I am you boss. Sucker!).