Tuesday, October 15, 2013

House Warming Present

My cousin, Heidi, recently bought a house. We saw it a couple of weeks ago and it is like, the best thing I've ever seen in my life! She already has raised beds and tomatoes growing in the garden. I am so jealous out of my freaking mind happy for her!!! Having lived with roommates for a while, however, she didn't have a few essentials so I picked out a few things for her and made a house warming gift basket:

Included in the basked were:

  • salt and pepper grinders
  • tongs
  • salad tongs
  • serving/cooking/wooden spoons
  • hot pads
  • dish towels
  • a drying mat
  • WINE!
  • 2 cookie sheets (she loooooves to bake)
  • colander 

I used the colander as a basket and placed everything inside. Then I picked up a shrinky-dink bag at the dollar store (I don't know what they are really called). These things are awesome. It's a huge plastic bag that you place your item in, tie the top, and used a blow dryer to shrink it down and mold around you gift. They make it look so professional and it's super easy (just make sure you don't shrink up the top part above the bow, then it looks like a big mess...).

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