Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Easy Breakfast Eggs

During football season, we have a lot of overnight guests. We live close to the stadium and a lot of our friends live out of town so we have a lot of traffic in the fall. Being the mother hen that I am, I always like to make sure that my friends eat before drinking game day. This little beauty has been a life/time saver.


  • eggs
  • meat (this can be any kind of cooked meat, I used turkey breast but you can use ham or even precooked bacon)
  • green onion
  • cheese (again, your choice, I like Parmesan) 

How To Cook It

  • preset oven to 400 degrees
  • coat inside of muffin tin with cooking spray (or similar)
  • place your meat in muffin tin, use a layer or two to make sure the egg doesn't run out
  • place in oven for ~12 minutes
  • remove from oven and garnish with scallions and cheese

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