Friday, June 14, 2013


Are you outgoing? Are you looking for a fun night out - that ISN'T just like all the others? Ellen DeGeneres is really a genius, I have to say... and Emma stone is amazing. Here is where we got the idea. DANCE DARES! The object is simple enough: dance behind someone without them catching you.

So a couple weekends ago Husband, Molly, Jessica and I decided to head on down to the University's Battle of the Bands and try it out. (MUCH easier to do a dance dare when there is music playing - and in the beer garden). We got about 20 videos but I'll only share the 4 best here:

The beauty of this first one is that Husband is getting Jessica - and this whole thing was her idea. The first victim of the evening: 

The second gem is Jessica getting the beer garden security guard: 

I was lucky enough to nab a guy that was REALLY into his pool game (later at the bar): 

And Molly had a FABULOUS routine behind the bar patrons: 

Clearly, we are not professional dancers! I know this may sound like a mean prank but you would be surprised how many people think it is HILARIOUS - especially your victims. We made lots and lots of friends that night. The worst reaction we got was just "what are you doing?" Try it, like it, live it. 

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