Friday, June 14, 2013

Bachelorette Invite

My friend Kari's bachelorette party is coming up and her sister is going allllllll out for the party. We are going wine tasting in Napa Valley and she's even making matching t-shirts (I promise, they are not those obnoxious "Last fling before the ring" shirts - barf). She asked me to put together an invitation postcard to send out to all the girls. I still haven't heard back on whether or not she approves *cough check you email, Sara cough* but whatevs, I like them so they are going up here:

I pretty much copied and tweaked the design on the the FRONT of the card from an Etsy invitation (so if you want to buy these for your own party click over to her wonderful shop here). The back is all from Yours Truly's noggin right here. Kari's favorite color is pink (like seriously, she's obsessed) so I tried to make them as obnoxiously pink as possible. As you can tell, I also tried to show off the "Wine" theme of the weekend. 

The party IS a little spendy so we wanted to include what our checks cover on the back so people know what they are getting themselves in to. And a little itinerary is always fun. Kari's bra size isn't on there because the girl has mondo ta-ta's and you have to special order her bra's from Europe (just in case you were wondering). I did all this using Microsoft Publisher and grabbing random backgrounds and silhouettes off the internet (so hopefully it's legal to put it up on a blog...).

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