Sunday, June 23, 2013

Berry Picking

It was a BEAUTIFUL day yesterday and we really wanted to do something outside. One of my students told me about a great little u-pick berry farm a couple of miles out of town. An afternoon in the sun and some cheap, fresh berries? I'm in.

On the way out to the berry farm, we stopped at Davis Family Farm (where we bought our moms hanging baskets for mothers day) and picked a few strawberries. Oh. My. Gosh. These little devils aren't big but they taste soooooooo good!

We got more than you would in the store for a whopping $0.72! Seriously? Awesome.

Picking strawberries

Right next to the strawberry patch was a field of peas. I don't want to get anybody in trouble, but Erika is a thief....


Next stop was the Red Barn Berry Farm ( They have cherries, raspberries, blackberries, and boysenberries ripe and in season RIGHT NOW!


Husband and Jessica were most excited about the cherries so we went for those first. They had mostly bing and rainier cherries and another kind, we weren't sure what it was but they were bright red and sour!

Next up was the raspberry patch. Although I like boysenberries the best, raspberries are most fun to pick!

Raspberry picking

And last, we came to what we thought were blackberries but turned out to boysenberries. Not that I complaining. These little nuggets explode in your mouth like a big bomb of awesome. So good! Although watch our for the stickers on the plant. I swear, you don't even have to touch them, it's like they sense your presence and shoot out at you!

I could not think of a better way to spend our afternoon. Husband eats berries like they are going out of style and I always yell at him to save me some. We have so many now, I'm more worried about them spoiling before we can eat them all. Breakfast this morning was out of this world - and now I'm kind of thinking about a smoothie....

Our haul