Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wine Tasting Bachelorette Party

Just last week, one of my best friends got married, and it was BEAUTIFUL! You may or may not remember two previous posts about Kari's wedding. One was her red and black bridal shower and the other was the invitation to her bachelorette party. What a bachelorette party it was! We went wine tasting in Napa Valley. It. Was. Amazing. I have never been to Napa before so I was totally blown away. We rented a limo and went to four wineries... but we only got pictures of three of them. Below is a picture album of our weekend!

San Francisco:

To save on cost, we stayed at the brides' sister's house. She has this amazing view of San Francisco: 

What a lucky girl! The first day we spent just relaxing as most of us were either flying or driving into town. A few of us ventured into the city and I think Erika, Jessica, and Piper had a pretty good time with the local fire department...

Napa Valley Stop 1: Castello di Amorosa

So apparently this guy made a bunch of money on his first vineyard and decided to spend it on building a freaking CASTLE. Ahhh to be rich. But I'm glad this guy is because his castle was amazing. See for yourself:

Oh yeah, we also tasted wine, but those pictures are boring. The staff there was super nice and put up with our shenanigans, which is always a plus for this group... 

Castello di Amorosa's website:

Napa Valley Stop 2: V. Sattui Winery

Remember how I said the guy who built the castle made all his money on his first vineyard? Well here it is. We didn't get a ton of pictures of the grounds because they had a huge BBQ event going on that day and we were trying to make up a bit of lost time. So there are only a couple of pictures of it: 

Yay! We got a group shot! I know you don't care but I do, so deal with it. 

V. Sattui Winery's website:

Napa Valley Stop 3: Domaine Carneros 

This final Chatteau is actually a champagne winery, which suits me just fine because I looooooove me some bubblay! 

This place was also gorgeous. Whatever. It's Napa, they're all beautiful. And the champagne tasted like candy (well some of them did, others were nice and dry). 

Domaine Carneros' website:


I don't think it's a surprise to anyone that the drive back to SanFrancisco looked like this: 

Sleepy Girls

But never fear, after a quick nap, we were all out and ready to go in our matching bachelorette shirts (that I designed, BTW... unless you don't like them, then I had nothing to do with them - that bitch over there did it all....). FUN WEEKEND!