Wednesday, December 11, 2013

'Our First Christmas' Ornaments

We had so many weddings this summer it was unbelievable! I was very honored to be in the bridal party of a couple really close friends. My cousin Molly was as well and decided to do something really nice for a few of our brides. She saved her bridesmaid flowers, programs, and ribbon from the weddings and made them some beautiful "Our First Christmas" ornaments.

What You'll Need 

  • clear glass ball ornaments
  • fancy ornament hooks
  • a pen that can write on glass/plastic
  • dried flowers from the wedding
  • program/invitation from the wedding
  • (optional) if you have ribbon from the bouquet put that in too

How To Make It

  • I would recommend drawing with your pens on the ornament first, without the 'stuffing' you can see your penmanship a lot better
  • while your ink is drying, cut the invitation or program into small strips, it looks nicer if you cut it so the names and date are clearly visible
  • curl your strips of invitation/program 
  • carefully remove the top 'cap' from the glass ball ornament
  • stuff ornament with flowers first and then insert the curled strips of invitation/program
  • carefully reattach the ornament 'cap' and attach your fancy hook
  • BAM, you're done

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