Friday, February 14, 2014

Simple Valentine's Day Gift

Husband and I never really go full out for Valentine's Day. I don't really like the commercial-ity (yeah, I just made up a word) of it. And, like a lot of people I know, I don't really like being told when to show my love and affection for my husband. I'd prefer to do that every day. That being said.... I love all holidays! So we will usually do something to celebrate a little. For the past couple of years we have just popped a bottle of wine, ordered a "Heart Baker" pizza from Papa Murphy's and invited some friends over. This year is not much different, except I got a weird cheesy urge to decorate with doilies and cupids from the dollar store.

So what kinds of gifts do we get each other? Small, cheesy ones. For example, husband looooves candy, so this year I bought him a bunch of different red candies (and a Mountain Dew Code Red) and even a red tupperware (don't ask my why but he want's his own tupperware for whatever reason).

  • Included in the basket are: 
  • regular twizzlers
  • twizzlers bites
  • hot tamales
  • a "red variety" box of Mike and Ike's
  • red hots
  • strawberry fruit roll ups
  • Mountain Dew Code Red
  • a red tupperware 
  • and a cheeeeeeeesy card I found that says: "Studmuffin Stout" and on the inside "I found the perfect beer for you this Valentines' Day" .... or it says something like that. 

See? It's got a bit of a theme, but it's not overtly Valentine's Day-y. And it's just a little extra punch of I love you.

And don't forget our heart shaped pizza! Mmmmmmm....

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